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joico hair products logoJoico is The Art of Healthy Hair

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Inspired by art, fashion and modern technology, Joico breaks the boundaries of science to create the art of healthy hair. 

 Technology, artistry, commitment, integrity.  Hair care professionals depend on Joico for innovation, inspiration, creativity, and for a far-reaching heritage of excellence and quality.

From the catwalk to the street, from Hollywood to Seventh Avenue, from the chic enclaves of Europe and beyond, Joico Haircare sources the fashion and cultural influences that professionals rely on for inspiration.  With inspiration like this, artistry soars.


Joico Product Reviews

Do you use Joico hair products? We want to know what you think of these salon products. Whether you are here to learn more about Joico hair care or happened upon us by accident, read the reviews and leave your own!

joico hair  model beautyK-PAK 

Joico K-Pak haircare has the best products to strengthen, reconstruct and style hair. Joico K-Pak uses an exclusive blend of amino acids that are the building blocks of proteins in hair, Joico KPak products will leave hair looking and feeling the best it has ever been.

joico hair modelDaily Care

Joico Daily Care products give you Joico's classic shampoos, conditioners and styling and finishing products that provide for fashion-forward styles. The Joico Daily Collection includes products for all hair types, volume or color care, moisturizing or special treatments.

joico hairMoisture Recovery

Joico Moisture Recovery products feature a unique blend of Joico's exclusive moisture-loving ingredients from the sea that quenches overly dry hair attributed to the destructive properties of the environment, chemical services or genetics.

joico color Endure HairColor Endure

Joico Color Endurance is designed to protect the vibrancy and longevity of your color with gentle, yet powerful, formulations that lock in pigment and lock out damage. Reveal and celebrate strong, healthy, brilliant color.

joico body Luxe hairBody Luxe 

Joico Body Luxe haircare is a thickening and volumizing line of unique products that target fine, limp hair by increasing the size of each hair fiber without adding weight. Try Joico Body Luxe and reap the benefits.

joico silk results modelSilk Result 

Joico Silk Result products were developed to make soft, silky hair a real possibility for every hair type. The Joico synergistic silk system is formulated with three active components to provide superior results. With Joico Silk Result you get touchable softness without weight or build-up.

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